1: "Quick & tasty, creamy hummus topped with olives & veggies is the perfect Mediterranean snack for busy days."

2: "Calamata olives, feta cheese, & cucumber slices make a refreshing and satisfying snack on-the-go."

3: "Crispy pita chips paired with tzatziki sauce is a delicious and filling Mediterranean snack option for anytime."

4: "Stuffed grape leaves with rice and herbs are a convenient and flavorful snack for Mediterranean food lovers."

5: "Turkey and spinach roll-ups with a dash of lemon juice create a protein-packed Mediterranean snack to-go."

6: "Mini Greek salad cups with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, & a drizzle of olive oil are a fresh pick-me-up snack."

7: "Marinated artichoke hearts with sundried tomatoes and fresh basil make a nutritious and tasty snack choice."

8: "Chickpea salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and a sprinkle of oregano is a light and satisfying Mediterranean snack."

9: "Roasted red pepper hummus served with whole-wheat pita wedges offers a flavorful and wholesome snack option."