1: Boost your energy with these Magnesium and B12-rich recipes. Perfect for weekend meal prep!

2: Start your day with a Magnesium and B12-packed smoothie bowl. Delicious and nutritious!

3: Get your protein fix with Magnesium and B12-infused chickpea salad. Perfect for a quick weekend meal prep.

4: Indulge in a Magnesium and B12-rich quinoa stir-fry. A perfect weekend meal prep option.

5: Spice up your weekend with Magnesium and B12-loaded curry. Perfect for meal prep and leftovers!

6: Satisfy your sweet tooth with a Magnesium and B12-rich chocolate avocado mousse. Weekend meal prep made easy!

7: Energize your weekend with Magnesium and B12-rich lentil soup. Perfect for meal prep and cozy nights in.

8: Power up with Magnesium and B12-loaded sweet potato tacos. A delicious option for weekend meal prep.

9: End your weekend on a high note with Magnesium and B12-rich roasted vegetable pasta. Perfect for meal prep and satisfying cravings.