1: Boost energy with Mediterranean Diet breakfasts. Easy, healthy, and perfect for school mornings.

2: 1. Greek yogurt with fruit and honey. Protein-packed and delicious.

3: 2. Avocado toast with a sprinkle of feta cheese. Creamy and satisfying.

4: 3. Overnight oats with nuts and dried fruits. Prep ahead for a quick morning meal.

5: 4. Smoothie bowl with fresh berries and granola. Colorful and nutritious start to the day.

6: Start your day with Mediterranean Diet breakfasts. Fuel your body and mind for success.

7: Breakfast ideas that kids will love. Keep them full and focused throughout the day.

8: Try these 5-minute Mediterranean Diet recipes for busy school mornings.

9: Make mornings easier with these quick and delicious breakfast options. Embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle for a healthier you.