1: Schnitzel - A crispy, breaded cutlet of pork or veal served with lemon wedges and fries.

2: Spaetzle - Homemade egg noodles served with a creamy sauce or cheese and herbs.

3: Currywurst - Sliced sausage smothered in curry ketchup and served with fries.

4: Sauerkraut - Fermented cabbage served as a side dish or topping for sausages.

5: Bratwurst - Grilled sausage often served in a bun with mustard and sauerkraut.

6: Kasespatzle - Cheesy egg noodles similar to mac and cheese but with a German twist.

7: Kartoffelsalat - Potato salad made with vinegar and mustard for a tangy flavor.

8: Goulash - Hearty stew made with beef or pork, onions, peppers, and paprika.

9: Rinderrouladen - Thinly sliced beef rolled with mustard, onions, and bacon in a rich gravy.