1: 1. Use high-quality ground beef 2. form small, uniform patties 3. Season generously with salt and pepper

2: 4. Preheat your skillet or griddle 5. Press down firmly with spatula 6. Flip only once during cooking

3: 7. Toast buns with butter 8. Add cheese and toppings 9. Enjoy juicy, flavorful smash patties

4: 10. Experiment with different seasonings 11. Cook patties on high heat 12. Don't overcrowd the cooking surface

5: 13. Let patties rest before serving 14. Pair with your favorite condiments 15. Try different meat-to-fat ratios for variety

6: 16. Keep patties thin for even cooking 17. Customize with onions or jalapeños 18. Don't skimp on the butter for a crispy crust

7: 19. Use a cast iron skillet for best results 20. Cook until a golden brown crust forms 21. Serve with a side of crispy fries

8: 22. Master the art of pressing for a perfect patty 23. Perfect the cooking time for desired doneness 24. Adjust seasoning to suit your taste

9: 25. Get creative with toppings like bacon or avocado 26. Pair with a cold beer or soda 27. Share your smash patty creations with friends and family