1: "1. Donut Cutter: Perfect for crafting the iconic mochi donut shape."

2: "2. Silicone Baking Mat: Ensures even baking and easy clean-up."

3: "3. Powdered Sugar Shaker: Adds that final touch of sweetness."

4: "4. Baking Rack: Allows for proper cooling after baking."

5: "5. Sprinkles Dispenser: For customizing your mochi donuts."

6: "6. Oil Thermometer: Ensures the perfect frying temperature."

7: "7. Mini Mochi Donut Maker: For homemade treats anytime."

8: "8. Decorative Plate: Show off your mochi donut creations."

9: "9. Recipe Book: Inspiration for new mochi donut flavors."