1: 1. Hidden messages in Tony and Ziva's interactions hint at their feelings for each other.

2: 2. Ziva's necklace symbolizes her connection to Tony and their shared past.

3: 3. Tony's framed photo of Ziva reveals his constant thoughts about her.

4: 4. Subtle nods to their romantic tension show up in their dialogue and body language.

5: 5. The significance of the elevator scene and its implications for Tony and Ziva's relationship.

6: 6. Fans theorize about Ziva's return in the coffee shop scene with Tony.

7: 7. Hidden clues in Tony and Ziva's phone calls suggest a deeper connection between them.

8: 8. Tony and Ziva's final scene together hints at a possible reunion in the future.

9: 9. Easter eggs scattered throughout the Tony and Ziva NCIS spinoff point to a resolution of their unresolved feelings.