1: Japanese Matcha Mochi Donut with earthy green tea flavor and chewy mochi texture.

2: Mexican Tres Leches Mochi Donut infused with sweet milk and cinnamon flavors.

3: Italian Espresso Mochi Donut featuring rich coffee taste and soft mochi dough.

4: French Lavender Honey Mochi Donut with floral notes and drizzled honey topping.

5: Indian Mango Lassi Mochi Donut combining creamy yogurt, sweet mango, and mochi.

6: Thai Coconut Pandan Mochi Donut with tropical coconut and fragrant pandan leaf.

7: Korean Spicy Kimchi Mochi Donut for a delicious fusion of heat and savory.

8: Chinese Five Spice Mochi Donut with warm, aromatic spice blend and mochi bite.

9: Greek Baklava Mochi Donut inspired by nutty, sweet baklava dessert with mochi twist.