1: Discover the essential ingredients to create the perfect Malatang feast.

2: Spicy Sichuan peppercorns add bold flavor to your Malatang broth.

3: Fresh vegetables like bok choy and mushrooms bring depth to every bite.

4: Choose your favorite protein, such as beef or seafood, for a satisfying meal.

5: Don't forget the noodles - a must-have for a hearty Malatang experience.

6: Soy sauce and fermented bean paste enrich the broth with umami goodness.

7: Garlic and ginger add fragrant and aromatic notes to your Malatang recipe.

8: Spicy chili oil and dried red chilies level up the heat in your dish.

9: With these 9 must-have ingredients, you'll create the ultimate Malatang feast. Enjoy every spicy bite!