1: Green Bean Casserole Magic: Impress with just 3 ingredients! The perfect side dish for any occasion.

2: Step 1: Green beans. Choose fresh or canned, for a boost of fiber and vitamins.

3: Step 2: Cream of mushroom soup. Rich and creamy, adds depth of flavor with ease.

4: Step 3: Crispy fried onions. The ultimate topping, for a satisfying crunch in every bite.

5: Mix it all together, bake until bubbly. An irresistible favorite to please any crowd.

6: Variations to try: Add cheese, bacon, or garlic. Make it your own with endless flavor possibilities.

7: Perfect for holidays, potlucks, or weeknight dinners. Simple yet impressive, every time.

8: Green Bean Casserole Magic: Only 3 ingredients needed. A classic dish with a modern twist.

9: Make it your go-to recipe. Green Bean Casserole: Endless flavor, minimal effort.