1: "Suits spinoff series 'Pearson' finds a new streaming home in 2024"

2: "Fans excited for the return of Jessica Pearson on the small screen"

3: "Hulu secures exclusive streaming rights for 'Pearson' spinoff"

4: "Netflix misses out on adding 'Pearson' to its lineup in 2024"

5: "New episodes of 'Pearson' to be released on Hulu starting next year"

6: "Jessica Pearson's story continues on a new streaming platform"

7: "Fans eagerly anticipating the new home for 'Pearson' in 2024"

8: "Hulu subscribers to enjoy exclusive access to 'Pearson' spinoff"

9: "Excitement builds as 'Pearson' finds a new streaming home outside of Netflix"